Liu Bolin

Yesterday was exactly 20 years ago that the Tiananmen Square massacre (referred to in China as the June 4 Incident) occurred.
This is as relevant as ever since the People's Republic of China still silences its people, censures its history and hides the truth from everyone, even themselves. I am angry, but so is every Chinese and human rights supporter. China needs to come out and tell the truth and stop the denial and the silence. The world already knows!

Great work from Liu Bolin. There's lots more, go check out the gallery below.

Galerie Bertin

Sweet Fashion

I think he found an open niche in the market...

More great fashion photography below.

Source: Massimo Gammacurta

The Bible According To Google Earth

The Crucifixion.

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Noah's Ark.

Moses parting the Red Sea.

It's the work of Sydney-based "creative collective" The Glue Society. The project was commissioned by Eric Romano of Pulse Art, New York for its Miami art fair. “We like to disorientate audiences a little with all our work. And with this piece we felt technology now allows events which may or may not have happened to be visualized and made to appear dramatically real," say The Glue Society's James Dive. "As a method of representation satellite photography is so trusted, it has been interesting to mess with that trust."

Source: Creative Review